Segmented marketing starts with segmented data


Are you aware that at least 50% of your marketing results are linked to the quality of your contact database?

Your commercial database is a crucial tool in your company and your data strategy is a framework for productive customer interaction. However, if the information is not updated, qualified and completed regularly, your database loses about 20% of its value every year and rapidly becomes obsolete. In order to make sure you cover 100% of your market and target your commercial and marketing efforts effectively in the future, the quality of your database must be up-to-date. Therefore, we offer to help you build a strategy for your marketing data through the following steps:
– Data Audit & Analysis: Understanding the contacts you have or do not have today + the proportion of missing/inaccurate data
– Data Update & Alignment: Homogenize, update and complete all contacts to ensure they have the necessary information

Marketing Data Integrity Management is the process of maintaining and ensuring the accuracy and consistency of marketing account and contact data over its entire life cycle. We offer our expertise to make sure you’re successfully reaching 100% of your market, with the right decision makers.

Your contact database :

Commercial results based on quality 50% :50%
Value lost per year if not qualified regularly 20% :20%



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