Our database of 140,000 Telecom decision makers includes most Communication Service Providers
in all regions of the world , classified under the following profiles:

    • Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs/MVNEs
    • Fixed Operators and Integrated Operators (incumbent and alternative)
    • Broadband Service Providers (ISP, Cable Operators and WISPs)
    • Network Equipment Providers
    • IT & Telecom integrators
    • Broadcasters & Pay TV Service Providers
    • Wholesalers
    • VoIP Service Providers
    • Media Groups

We can send, on your behalf and by email, promotional information concerning your solutions to thousands of worldwide decision makers. By selecting your own criteria (in terms of geography, type of Communication Service Provider, and job titles), you make sure that you only communicate with your core target of decision makers. Moreover, our email blasts are limited in quantity to ensure a great response.

An email blast remains one of the most efficient and affordable advertising vehicle to reach the following objectives:

1 – Improve your brand awareness among a targeted and qualified population of decision makers

2 – Generate direct response sales, registrations and leads from our high-quality audience.

To arrange your initial complimentary email campaign consultation.