How much do your services cost ?

Deveo’s services are designed to allow any Telecom company, including start-ups, to get qualified new leads or updated contact data among Telcos anywhere in the world. There is no minimum budget required for the implementation of a campaign. Additionally, we can scope an initial, limited campaign as a test to demonstrate our capabilities.

How can Deveo bring value to my company if I am already very satisfied with my existing sales team ?

Our objective is to support and complement the efforts of your existing sales and marketing department and in no way to replace them. Our prospecting services are based on the exploitation of our database of 140,000 decision makers in the Telecom Operators industry, as well as on the implementation of emailing and telemarketing campaigns. By accelerating the prospecting time, our services can shorten sales cycles and detect, in less than a month, new potential business opportunities or decision makers you do not know yet.

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

No, we offer tailored solutions that can meet any budget requirement.

Is my information transmitted to third-parties?

Any marketing campaign can be implemented within two weeks.

What is Deveo's anti-spam policy?

Deveo is highly committed to a strict anti-spam policy. Our team believes in “permissive marketing” and transmits this vision to all our customers. Consequently, the contacts of our database only receive messages dealing with their domain of competencies. This allows them to discover potentially new products and services. Moreover, an “unsubscribe” option is sent systematically with every email.

How can I ensure the profitability of Deveo's services ?

It is very easy to measure the profitability of our services, because you can easily calculate the Return-on-Investment when the results are quantifiable (such as the number of new leads). In addition, we also invite you to calculate the ROI for Deveo’s campaigns in comparison to your in-house ROI or those offered by other players in the market.