Our campaigns are tailor-made and based on your immediate goals, regardless of whether you wish to promote your solutions, identify qualified leads, arrange meetings with Telco representatives, and receive contact details of specific decision makers or a combination thereof.

Every step of the campaign is confirmed and validated with our clients as we progress:

1- Planning

Goals are defined, and a calendar is developed; highlighting the different steps of the campaign. The campaigns are designed internally with the greatest care in order to optimize results: definition of the customer’s goals, selection and training of the resources in charge of the project, writing of the script, selection of all appropriate contacts from our Telco database.

2- Targeting

Targeting is at the heart of direct marketing strategy. You define the profile to target (type of Communication Service Provider, Geography, Job title of the decision makers) and we extract from our database the most appropriate profiles, and also look for additional or missing contacts through a customized research.

3- Testing

The campaign is launched and tested for a couple of days. Initial feedback is shared so that corrective adjustments can be implemented to maximize the results of the campaign.

4- Executing

Identification of the right decision makers, qualification of leads and setting-up of teleconferences or meetings is our daily activity. Thanks to our unique CRM solution, information concerning the calls, prospects and business opportunities is managed in real-time.

5- Synthesizing

The communication is permanent between our team and our customers, and a weekly debriefing is scheduled in order to share information and optimize the campaign’s outcome. At the end of the campaign, you also receive a set of documents to help you learn more from our telemarketing activity. It lists teleconferences/meetings, statistics, graphs, and any collected comments.

6- Optimizing

A debriefing is conducted to share all feedback collected from Telecom Operators during the campaign and to brain storm on possible improvements for the next campaign.