Make sure you know all mobile network operators worldwide

 Define your sales strategy with a clear market understanding

Start building your contact database in a cost-efficient manner

When it comes to your data strategy, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:
– Which CSPs (or contacts within CSPs) am I missing to cover the full target market(s)?
– Do I have the proper person/decision making coverage?

The fact is, some targets may be missing from your database. Even if you know 70% of the Telcos in the world, there is still 30% of the market that you’re missing. By addressing 100% of the market you can expect to easily increase your revenue in the mid-term.

To help you reach out to new targets quickly, we offer a free audit that will help you map the list of Mobile Operators missing from your CRM. Once we have finalized this free audit, you will receive the list of new Mobile Operators and you will decide if you need our support to:
– buy the decision makers’ contact details you need for these ones.
– approach and qualify them through a Lead Generation campaign.
– simply reach out to these Mobile Network Operators through an email campaign.