Jean-Francois Galtier – Deputy General Manager – Netgem

“Deveo works with us for various events (Anga Com, TV Connect, IBC) to help us generating meetings. It was really helpful to be able to organize well in advance our demos and meetings with important prospects. Thanks to Deveo assistance, our agenda has been fully booked from opening to closing, everyday.”

Nicole De Noble – Manager Marketing Communications – Sandvine

“Deveo is one of the most skilled, experienced and productive direct marketing agencies I have ever used worldwide. Not only they could appoint a fairly good number of meetings at Mobile World Congress for our Sales team but also with some Telcos that we had not managed to reach or qualify in the past. Definitely, an expert when it comes to Leads among international Telcos.”

Mazen Malek Shiaa – VP Sales and Marketing – Gintel AS

“I was initially sceptical about telemarketing… however, I can say today that it was a great decision with many benefits: really good quality of leads identified in a few weeks, valuable market feedback from different countries/telcos and we just signed last month a 1st contract resulting this Campaign managed less than a year ago! “

Martin Terpstra - VP Business Development - inSided

“We have worked with Deveo for 1 month using their lead generation service. They have been very helpful in figuring out the right approach, as well as keeping us continously updated on the progress and results during that time period. For us it has proven to be a big success: we have gotten more introduction calls than anticipated before hand and 2 years later we have signed 4 new customers as a result of it representing our highest ROI ever.”

Vincent Truffier-Blanc – Head of Market Research – Gemalto

“Deveo’s direct marketing methodology has resulted in the satisfactory delivery of our goals, enabling our Key Performance Indicators to be achieved. The committed strategy employed by Deveo had an excellent hit rate with 90% of all contacts having being appropriately targeted within MNO organizations, helping us to better identify key decision makers. Through the interviews conducted as a result of the campaign, valuable dialogue between potential customers has been initiated which in turn has fine tuned the marketing positioning of our value proposition. Deveo’s lead generation offer has improved not only our sales organization efficiency but also our marketing pitch.”

Robert Albrecht – Head of Presales Media / Deputy Head of Business Unit Multimedia – Siemens Convergence Creators

“Deveo efficiently helped us to identify and contact potential customers even in the non-Telco industry. The consulting before, during and after the campaign was always competent and customer oriented. Deveo works very efficient and transparent. Regular reports and conference calls kept us up to date so we were able to redirect or specify if necessary. We were very satisfied with the result of our campaign which helped us to gain access to new customer groups!”