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IBC 2019: Post-show report from Deveo

What happened during IBC19? Our team was there as usual – here’s our feedback from the show!

Post-show report on IBC 2019
Post-show report on IBC 2019

Providing you with a brief post-show report on IBC 2019 report with key highlights from the show.

How did Deveo find IBC this year?

Deveo always enjoys IBC and this year was no exception. We find that IBC is one of the few tradeshows that still has great quality and quantity of a focused industry. We heard back from numerous exhibitors that they found the quality of meetings across the show better than previous years.

We also noticed the growth in Hall 14, the ‘Content Everywhere’ hall. This hall contains the software/middleware/hardware vendors and content delivery specialists, this is great to see this area growing to assist with solving the current market challenges and trends.

Main topics and news from the event:

  • There was an attendance of 56,390 this year, which is the largest yet. With this growth focused in key areas (C-Levels, overseas and under 35s).
  • OTT was the attention-grabbing topic this year with all industries focusing on how they deliver content to consumers. Research suggests adults who use their smartphone or laptop to watch TV is up 6.4% from last year.
  • Users want more interactive ways to watch content across platforms and the shift to this focus from VR in previous years was noticeable at IBC.
  • With quality of service continuously increasing, 4k could also be seen across the show as a key focus in today’s digital age, with even some exhibitors showing real-time 8k video editing. However currently the market penetration of 4k is only at 46% across Europe so this seems it will be an area that will be a focus for some years to come still.
  • IBC hosted the first ever Esports Showcase live tournament which demonstrates the importance of Media and Broadcasters in this fast-growing sector of entertainment.

How did Deveo contribute to client’s success?

Deveo has over 7,000 CSP Executives tagged as IBC19 visitors in our database. This helped us arrange 450 meetings with Broadcasters, Media and Telco’s decision makers for more than 40 clients.

The meetings we arrange are with new contacts that our clients do not have in their own database and who meet our clients’ requirements (in terms of company, country and job title, could be CxOs as well as Middle Management)

The future – How Can Deveo Help You?

After any show it is important to follow up on meetings and keep track of all new contacts that are made during the event. But further to this, it is important to continuously engage with new potential opportunities. Deveo runs lead generation campaigns (not related to tradeshows) all year round, anywhere in the world, thanks to our continuously managed database of 250,000 contacts in the Telco and Broadcast industries.

Deveo helps you outreach to those contacts who didn’t visit IBC or didn’t stop by your booth. Only a tiny fraction of Telco & Broadcast CxOs attend tradeshows (even the main ones) and out of these ones, you only get a few hundreds of contacts stopping by your booth. Thanks to our database, we can help you knock at their door, qualify their situation and introduce you to those who are interested in your solutions.

Furthermore, as you prepare for the next upcoming shows such as SCTE Cable Tec, Sportel, BBWF, AfricaCom and MWC, we can help you to meet the right people who are attending these. Please get in touch to discuss this with us further.

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