Key Contact Acquisition

DEVEO’s database is composed of over 250,000 decision makers (C-level or middle managers) among worldwide Telcos (Mobile Operators, ISPs, Cable Operators, System Integrators, Fixed Telcos, MVNOs, etc.) and Broadcasters (TV Networks & Channels, Media, VOD and Pay TV players, etc.).

We do not sell our database, but we can help you to find the gaps and fill them in yours. Since 2005, we have been refining our database and employing our expertise to help you clean-up, update and complete your database to the highest standards.

A successful Contact Data strategy is based on the following steps:

Audit & target identification

First, we will go through a full overview of your targets. Then we can analyze your data to find the missing accounts that you don’t have. Since we work extremely hard to keep our own database current, then we are ideally positioned to let you know what the gaps in your database are.

Key Contact Acquisition

Following from our thorough database audit, you can request CSPs and decision makers missing from your CRM. We will fill in the gaps by providing the new contacts to make sure you cover all target CSPs in your market.

We are so confident in the quality of the data provided that we offer a 1-month guarantee on the information delivered. In the unlikely event of inaccurate information we will update it free of charge within four weeks or replace it.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in hearing how we can help you please get in touch with our team for more information.

Upcoming Events: Qualified Leads at Trade shows

Imagine how much your business would grow if you could meet with fully qualified leads at trade shows? With our meeting arrangement service, we help you see a better return on investement for the trade shows you attend.

Which shows will we support you with? We do all major Telco & Broadcast shows.

Your event is not on our list? No worries, just contact us and we will let you know how we can help you.

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DEVEO helps you to get more qualified leads!

DEVEO can help you fill your sales pipeline by running a targeted lead generation campaign. We can reach out to and qualify key CSP executives from our worldwide database of Telco & Media groups.

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