Webinar Registration

DEVEO can provide a unique service to Technology Vendors wishing to promote their services through a webinar. We register high quality participants from targeted worldwide Communication Service Providers, you take care of the webinar preparation (content and platform).

Attract the right participants, potential clients only

Since people can no longer meet easily face to face, we’ve seen an increasing number of webinars take place. Often seen as a way to get business opportunities to be exploited immediately, perhaps you have been thinking of running a webinar. However, an average webinar will attract students, job seekers and your competitors! With DEVEO, we will give you the chance to speak to potential clients only. 100% of people registered during a DEVEO campaign will be prospective customers. Other leading media platforms can only promise 5%.

Unique database of over 250,000 CSP executives

DEVEO has a completely unique database, no other media platform can boast of this. We only focus on this sector, so our knowledge of the worldwide CSP industry (Telco & Media Groups) is very strong. Within seconds we can extract hundreds of appropriate decision makers that meet your requirements exactly.

Tailored selection

We can select potential participants with many different criteria: regions, type of CSP, job titles etc. Our database is updated daily and we are proud to say that we believe it is the best in the business. A dedicated project manager will work with you to find out your exact requirements and extract the most relevant profiles based on the criteria you give.

Combined Email, Telephone and LinkedIn Strategy

We have a proven methodology to promote your webinar using our combined strategy of email, telephone follow-up and LinkedIn activity. We’ve been working this way for lead generation since 2005 and we really know how to find, approach and qualify the right contacts for you.

List sharing

At the end of the campaign, we will share the full list of participants with all their contact details to enable your sales team to continue to follow the leads. No other media platform works this way. We believe in opening doors for our clients and do everything possible to facilitate this.

Upcoming Events

With a bold focus on meeting arrangement services, we help our customers to get the most out of their trade shows. Our current list of shows is slim for obvious COVID-19 reasons, but we hope to see a return to tradeshows mid-2021. Here is an excerpt of shows where we will support our clients with our services. Your event is not on our list? No worries, just contact us and we will let you know how we can help you.

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DEVEO helps you to get more qualified leads!

DEVEO can help you fill your sales pipeline by running a targeted lead generation campaign. We can reach out to and qualify key CSP executives from our worldwide database of Telco & Media groups.

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