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10 high quality Telco leads for PROTEI! How did DEVEO deliver?

Quality Telco Leads for Protei Case Study

Client Objectives:

PROTEI is an international telecommunication systems vendor operating within Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa with a proven track record of over 20 years in the telecommunication market (70 mobile and fixed-line operators in 40 countries use PROTEI equipment to serve over 250 million subscribers worldwide).

They wanted to promote their core solutions, including roaming, IN & VAS, messaging etc. within Latin America and North Africa to Mobile Network Operators and identify new business opportunities to penetrate new accounts.

The Solution:

This was DEVEO and PROTEI’s first campaign together, after meeting each other at MWC Barcelona, and because their main priority was Latin America with just a few African countries, we decided to run our one-month part-time Lead Generation program.

For this we worked following our methodology:

1. Selection of the most appropriate decision makers from DEVEO’s database. The aim was to select approximately 2,500 of the best matching profiles from DEVEO’s worldwide database of 250,000 CSP executivess.

2. Design and send 2 email campaigns over a 1-month period under the client’s name (translated and sent in both English and Spanish to the relevant countries).

3. Part-time telemarketing follow-up and lead generation campaign over a 1-month period.

DEVEO has telemarketers in every timezone

Because we have telemarketers in all regions of the world, we ensured PROTEI’s Campaign Manager was based in Latin America and one of our Spanish native speakers.

Once a telco lead was identified, DEVEO qualified them before arranging the teleconference and handing over to PROTEI with all information collected during the qualification.

How do we define a qualified lead?

Our definition of a Telco qualified lead is based on 4 criteria. Someone who:

– Confirmed he was an appropriate decision maker or expert for the solution.

– Expressed significant interest or referred to a potential project.

– Requested further information and after reading the product literature, confirmed that he definitely has a significant interest or potential project.

– Welcomed the opportunity to have a teleconference to obtain further technical & sales details of the solution.

The Outcome:

After one month, we were able to deliver 10 quality Telco leads to PROTEI (double the initial objective). This success came through being able to speak to each relevant country in the most used language, in the correct time zone and with relevant cultural knowledge.

We provided a final report that listed all interactions with interested profiles. We also presented all feedback thereby helping our client understand why target companies were also not interested in their solution. This enabled PROTEI to have a deeper understanding of their client base & better target for future marketing campaigns. This information was also available in real time for the client during the campaign and is still available through DEVEO’s CRM today.

What PROTEI said:

“We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience working with DEVEO. It was great they could tailor the campaign to our specific needs i.e. regions and languages. As a result of our campaign, we are now into commercial negotiations and deployment architecture discussions with at least 4 leads they found for us. We look forward to working with them again in the future!”


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