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How did PortaOne sign a contract with a Cable Operator?

Signing a contract with a Cable Operator

Thanks to DEVEO, our long standing client PortaOne was able to sign a contract with a Cable Operator in Central Europe during 2019!

Client objectives

PortaOne is a leading global software developer for modern telecommunication companies. They have two flagship platforms:

PortaBilling is a BSS/OSS platform for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

PortaSwitch provides various prepaid, postpaid, retail and wholesale telecommunication services.

PortaOne wished to promote their two solutions and schedule teleconferences/meetings with qualified leads from targeted EMEA CSPs. This included MNOs, Integrated Operators, MVNOs, MVNEs, ISPs, Cable Operators, Fixed Telcos, VOIP Service Providers, etc.

Congratulations, we just sent a contract and invoice to a Cable Operator in Central Europe, a qualified lead that Deveo identified for us during the last campaign 3 months ago. Thank you very much for your team’s efforts – we really appreciate working with you.

Roman Khalenkov PortaOne, Inc., Chief Commercial Officer

The solution

Since PortaOne already used DEVEO for many years, we could quickly come up with the following plan:

  1. Selection of the most appropriate decision makers from DEVEO’s database. The aim was to select approximately 2500 of the best matching profiles from DEVEO’s database of 180,000 contacts.
  2. Design and send 3 email campaigns over a 1-month period under the client’s name.
  3. Full-time telemarketing follow-up and lead generation campaign over a 1-month period.

The aim of the campaign: find and qualify at least 7 or 8 high quality leads.

We ran the campaign full-time over a 1-month period. We reached out to the target profiles by email and telephone. This helped us narrow down and identify which companies had potential needs.

Our definition of a qualified lead is someone who:

  • Confirmed he was an appropriate decision maker for the solution.
  • Expressed significant interest or referred to a potential project.
  • Requested further information. After reading the product literature, we confirmed that they still had a high level of interest/potential project.
  • Welcomed the opportunity to have a teleconference with PortaOne in order to obtain further technical & sales details of the solution.

The outcome

We were delighted to provide 10 leads, therefore exceeding our target.
7 of these were teleconferences and 3 were face-to-face meetings.

We provided a final opportunity report that listed all interactions with interested profiles. We also presented all feedback thereby helping our client understand why target companies were not interested in their solution. This enabled PortaOne to have a deeper understanding of their client base & better target future marketing campaigns. This information was also available in real time for the client during the campaign and is still available through DEVEO’s CRM today.

Last but not least, we were thrilled to hear from PortaOne 3 months after the campaign finished. They shared the news that they were able to sign a contract with a Cable Operator in Europe. This was once again as a direct result of our high-quality lead generation efforts.

If you want to find out how DEVEO can help you to sign more contracts with CSPs, contact our team today.

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