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Why inSided became fully convinced about Lead Generation

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Client objectives:

inSided, a major Dutch provider of community engagement technology solutions for large accounts, wished to accelerate the volume of incoming leads in order to build a pipeline of business opportunities among European Telcos. The company was created in 2010 and because of limited resources, they had no time (and extremely limited data) to start promoting their solutions to new international accounts. They had been advised by a business partner who regularly used DEVEO’s services to contact us. The brief was to schedule 5 to 10 teleconferences with qualified leads that would exactly meet the customer’s requirements (Customer Care decision makers working for European Telcos, with an interest in potentially implementing the community management solution).

“We have worked with Deveo for 1 month using their lead generation service. They have been very helpful in figuring out the right approach, as well as keeping us continuously updated on the progress and results during that time period. For us it has proven to be a big success: we have gotten more introduction calls than anticipated beforehand and 2 years later we have signed 4 new customers as a result of it, representing our highest ROI ever.”

Marcel Holsheimer, Chief Marketing Officer

The solution:

The first campaign was run for one month full-time, during which we reached out to the requested targets by email and telephone in pursuance of identifying new qualified leads. The definition of a qualified lead is a Communication Service Providers’ representative who has:

  1. confirmed he was one of the appropriate decision makers for the customer’s solution in the company
  2. expressed significant interest or referred to a potential project for the solution
  3. requested product literature and subsequently, once DEVEO verified that the documents were read, confirmed a high level of interest or a potential project
  4. accepted a teleconference with a sales representative in order to obtain more technical and sales details about the solution.

To track the project and inform the client about the campaign’s progress, we saved all of the comments collected from prospects in our CRM system and organized a weekly teleconference to update the client about the campaign progress and ensure actions were followed up (in parallel with a scheduled weekly written report).

The outcome:

  • 12 teleconferences appointed with qualified leads (out of these, 4 were converted into contracts within 12 months for more than 1M€ revenues).
  • A final report listed not only companies that accepted a teleconference/web demo but also those that were not interested (and where possible, the reason why). All of this information was available in real-time for the client during the campaign and is still available through the Extranet account created for each customer from the DEVEO CRM.

As a direct consequence of the campaign, inSided was so delighted and impressed with the quality of the results that they decided to create an internal team of Inside Sales Managers and outsourced to Deveo the second level of Lead Generation (for specific Telcos or decision makers they could not reach out to).

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