Support Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine with donations & remote jobs

Raising funds for Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been moved by the images and stories coming out of Ukraine in recent days. As a company, Deveo has always believed that we have a strong social and moral responsibility to contribute where help is needed. Several of our employees and collaborators want to do something to help. In this spirit we’d like to also invite our clients and partners to join us in our fundraising efforts.

The money raised will be used for Ukrainian refugees, as well as the people remaining in Ukraine. We’ve picked the charity Nova Ukraine to direct our donations to.

Nova Ukraine Non-Profit Organisation

Nova Ukraine is a long established charity that has launched an emergency response. They are currently using donations to provide food, medical supplies, essential hygiene items, baby care items & clothing. They are also providing assistance with locating and reconnecting family members who have been separated from each other.

Nova Ukraine Logo

Job Offer for Ukrainians or displaced people fleeing the conflict

In addition to collecting money to help with the immediate humanitarian crisis, we have the capacity to hire a small number of new remote workers. We’ve put a campaign manager job offer out for any Ukrainians (or people fleeing from the conflict in Ukraine).

Likewise, we’d also urge our clients and partners to think if they can offer work to refugees. It’s a great way to have a direct impact. There are many platforms that you can advertise your job on, such as Hire for Ukraine, People over Politics, Ukrainian workers seeking new opportunities, Jobs4UKR, Human Direct – Stand with Ukraine and Companies Hiring Displaced People from the war in Ukraine.

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